Embedded web server on small processors

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Hi All

I am interested in embedded Internet applications and am experimenting
with various devices. Using the MC9S12NE64 I have made a platform for
very compact and cheap devices - although memory limited. Check our
www.mjbc.ch for a live demo {web cam, control of a display via Browser
and a web enabled background debugger for the HCS12}. The web site is
available in English and in German and the links are quite easy to find
(look for user name and password details to gain access -there is a
link to an embedded web server with all details).

Presently I am extending the platform to include the AT91SAM7x128 where
I want to add encryption and some other stuff.

Has anyone related experience to exchange, or advice about suitable
devices? Check out the demo and tell me what you think.

The platform includes a simulator which enables Ethereal recordings to
be played back through the software - this makes development much
easier and is also very useful for learning code and Internet
protocols. Therefore I am offering the platform free of charge (uTasker
operating system with TCP/IP stack and simulator) to educational
establishments who could find it useful for their work or for teaching.
Please contact me if interested.


Mark Butcher

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