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Ignore if this is inappropriate for comp.arch.embedded ... apologies if it

Synchromesh Computing, since being launched in January of 2004 as a sister
company to ECL, has been growing rapidly.

A new client has asked us to develop benchmarking and software test programs
for their TCP/IP Offload Engine.

Frankly, we're world leaders in benchmarking, performance analysis, and
software testing but we could really use a professional contractor to
augment our team for this project in this specific knowledge domain (TCP/IP
Offload Engines).  We know a lot about TCP/IP, though.

Duration is likely to be 2 to 3 months for this contract - but if we're
successful in pleasing our client, we believe there is a lot more business
there to be had from them as well as others in this subset of the industry.
Our staff, made up almost exclusively of contractor-consultants, tend to be
amazingly loyal to our company because they know we treat people as we want
to be treated.

Needless to say, absolute mastery of C programming is necessary, especially
for embedded systems.  Knowledge of TCP/IP Offload Engines is obviously
required, and knowledge of Microsoft's Chimney Architecture is a big win
(for both of us  :-)    Experience developing Test Plans, executing them,
automated testing, and benchmarking is strongly preferred.  The ability to
work quickly, efficiently, and without "hacking about" is appreciated since
we're not too fond of ulcers, but insightful and brilliant programmers who
aren't tempermental have natural allowances made - so long as they can meet
schedules and therefore budgets.  People who do NOT know much about TCP/IP,
and specifically TCP/IP Offload Engines, probably shouldn't apply for THIS

If you can only do this part-time, but have the TCP/IP Offload Engine
experience and knowledge, well, we can probably work around your schedule so
long as you're willing to teach others on our staff what you know - and get
paid for it.

We offer flexible hours (to avoid traffic), TELECOMMUTING if you're
responsible, the kind of work environment you've only *heard* about from the
early days of Silicon Valley and Silicon Hills (unless you're older, and
then you KNOW what we're talking about), decent pay (and bonuses for
outstanding performance).  The ability to make and meet commitments is
necessary, and a proven track record in doing so needs to be established and
proven before you're hired.  We absolutely do not discriminate based on
race, age, sex, gender, sexuality, height, weight, or mode of dress but we
DO discriminate based on talent, ability, skills, desire, ambition, work
ethic, and all the RIGHT things.  We expect that you, too, respect other's
as individuals, and can work well with others.

All individuals must be able to sign and adhere to non-disclosure
agreements, and have a reputation for integrity unblemished.

Pay?  We'll treat you right, and its based on your experience, skills, and
other factors.

Intrigued?  If you've got the qualifications, contact us.

Alan R. Weiss
CEO, EEMBC Certification Laboratories and
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Re: Embedded Job - sorry if this is inappropriate

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 Its nice to find an advert that doesn't  have "Human Resources"
stamped all over it....


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   All shortcuts have disappeared.
      Screen. Mind. Both are blank.

Re: Embedded Job - sorry if this is inappropriate
Thanks, Martin.

I know ... most of the *.jobs hierarchy is just rubbish these days.  Spam,
headhunters grunging for resumes ... sad.


Alan R. Weiss
CEO, EEMBC Certification Laboratories and Synchromesh Computing
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Re: Embedded Job - sorry if this is inappropriate

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But that's what *all* recruitment is.  If anything else worked
companies would use it, but they don't, they pay 20% for a
bork to find them a bod, I don't like it either but it's how it is


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