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I'm trying to start a project in C++ for 386 embedded system target. The
code should support exception handling and most C++ features but there is no
C/C++ stdlib available.

Actually I started with gcc 3.3.4. I would like to dig out the gcc code I
absolutely need to link against my binary to let most of C++ stuff work. I
didn't find any really usefull documentation for this purpose. Currently, I
began to link againt libgcc_eh.a which seems to provide the exception
handling management (_Unwind_*) but as I didn't understand everything, I'm
not sure I don't miss something. Also, it still does not compile well
(dl_iterate... symbol not resolved at compile time).
Last, I don't want to link stuff I don't need (std C++ lib, std C lib, ...).
I will provide my own functions for this (I know the exception handling
management needs malloc, free, etc.).

Could some of you help me by giving some pointers on how to achieve this
goal :
- Parts of gcc source code or libs I need to compile against my project to
be able to make full use of all C++ language features (except the standard
- Where to find the initial C++ bootstrap (which calls constructors and
initialize global variables before entering main).
Any serious link on how to find these informations is welcome. I already
spent a few hours searching gcc source code and I will find with some more
hours, but some good documentations about those internals would save me a
lot of time !


Re: Embedded C++
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Is the use of GCC a requirement?  If not have you considered Open Watcom as
an alternative?



Re: Embedded C++
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I know Watcom. I have developped many 16 and 32 bits softwares using it 10
years ago. Currently OpenWatcom does not offer everything I could need
(especially portability to other CPUs in the future).

BTW, this really does not answer my question ...

Thanks anyway ;-)

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