EEPROM infomation MCM 2802

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Does anyone have any information on a MCM 2802 EEPROM ?

I recently acquired 2 HT radios from an army surplus store and I cannot find
information on how to re-program them. Because of this I decided to
construct a parallel port programmer. A search on the net turned up a
partial datasheet for it however it is not clear on the format of the serial
data to send. It looks pretty straightforward to clock the data in and out
from a parallel port on a PC.

The EEPROM is socketed so it is easy to remove from the radio. They radios
are pretty old and are made by Canadian Marconi Company, model DP-2071 which
have a frequency range of 136-174 MHz and 5 watts output.

Does anyone remember working with either the EEPROM or radio ? Motorola does
not even list the EEPROM anymore under their obsolete products.


Dave, VE1DAY

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