EDK Flashwriter Problem on Memec Board

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Hallo at al

I use a evaluation board from memec insight with additional adapte

which have a flash. Now I try to write some image fil
(executable.srec) to the flash but i get always this error massage

Opening image file to be programmed...done

Copying flashwriter sources from C:/EDK/data/xmd/flashwriter/src t
Compiling flashwriter for chosen target and addres
map...ERROR: Unable to compile flashwriter application
Please check if XILINX_EDK has been set correctly and all the EDK GN
tools are availabl
Flashwriter terminating

I tryed id with executable.elf aso. but nothing happens.

And there is another problem: I can only attache the flash via OPB EM
and not via PLB EMC because i get error massage:

"unable to open MHS File

Perhaps had any the same problems

thks for replay

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