eCos and ucOS memory footprint

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I am thinking about putting either eCos or ucOS into the just released
Philips ARM7 LPC21xx chip.  It has something like 16kB of RAM, 128kB
(or 256kB depending on the part) of FLASH on-chip, with no external
memory bus.  Before going ahead, I would like to have a sanity check:
can the porting of eCos or ucOS be done with the resources?

It aims to be my hobby project. Just want to try out the small RTOS
onto a real chip.

Re: eCos and ucOS memory footprint
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Don't know about eCos (probably depends how you configure it but should be
no problem), ucOS no problem at all.

I'm in the process of porting FreeRTOS ( ) to this
device at the moment, and have it running in a simulator already.  Let me
know by private email if you would like the as yet incomplete code - address
is on the contact page of the WEB site.


Re: eCos and ucOS memory footprint

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eCos is more heavyweight than uCos, though I think you could
get either one working with the amount of memory specified.  If
you're a first-timer with an RTOS, I'd recommend uC/OS.  It's
a simpler system design and simpler to configure/build.  The
book is excellent and explains all the system internals.

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Re: eCos and ucOS memory footprint (Ozone Hole near South Pole) wrote in message
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You can also try XMK ( ) which has a
smaller footprint than uCos.  However, XMK is not yet ported to the
ARM7 as is I am sure uCos is.

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