DSP-PC architectural advice needed.

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I have an idea for a design of a data aquisition system and i am
willing to verify the possibility to implement it.

Basically it's an ADC connected to the TS201 that sends the entire
information sampled to a PC through one of it's LVDS connectors. On
the PC there is a PCI Card that knows how to do LVDS for example the
PCI GP-ECL/SSD16. of the EDT group. Before checking all the cards
availbe i would like to ask:

1.Did someone do the LVDS  connection betwenn the TS201 and PC?
2.Do i need to do something special when connecteing the TS to the PC
board? (someone told   me that there are special cables for it and the
connection is not Trivial).

Thanks in adcance,

Re: DSP-PC architectural advice needed.
Thanks for the informative reply, Ron

With the new information it seems that if my main goal is to transfer
data into a pc (putting the TS aside for a moment) then in this
The LVDS is a rather exotic option which requires special handling
compared to USB2.0 and TCP/IP.

Can I get your opinion about this conclusion?

Thanks in advance,

Re: DSP-PC architectural advice needed.
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Since Ron seem to be away ATM, I'll offer this explanation:

Like mentioned, LVDS is simply an electrical signalling standard.
USB defines both an electrical interface and a binary communication
protocol, and TCP/IP defines a communications protocol usually
using Ethernet as the electrical interface.

So yes, it will probably be easier for you to use USB or TCP/IP.
There are some very easy to use chips out there, that are designed
to integrate USB and/or  TCP/IP into your design without you
having to know the details of the protocols. Amongst these are
specially adapted microcontrollers (or modules) with "everything"
built in, including the electrical interface and the software
protocol stack.

Talking to (through) these chips can be as simple as just reading
and writing your data from/to a serial or paralell port, and the chip
will handle buffering, transmission and reception transparently.


Re: DSP-PC architectural advice needed.
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Actually, as far as total transistor count/lines of code goes, LVDS is utterly
trivial to use compared to USB or TCP/IP.  However, the fact that USB and
TCP/IP and the associated software come with your PC already tend to weight
the choice in their favor.  LVDS is quite popular for communication between
various embedded devices, however, that don't already have the hardware and/or
software to do USB or TCP/IP.

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