Driving a static, non-character based lcd

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I'm attempting to reuse a LCD screen built in the early 80s.  The
screen is a conventional static TN LCD, however the characters are not
traditional segmented letters or numbers, but patterns, as found on lcd
games etc.  The only specs I have come from the complete original unit,
which requires 3v DC at 0.0002w.

My question is, without the original control gear, how best to drive
and custom animate this screen?

I don't need the driver to respond to any incoming data, just to show a
fixed animation loop.  There are around 50 segments to drive, but I'd
be happy grouping them and getting just a few to run initially.

I'm familiar with using pic micros, and have seen the PIC16F913
/PIC18F8490 etc that come with a LCD drive function, can anyone
speculate whether these could be used?

Many thanks

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