Doing SSL on an 8-bit processor

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Does anyone know of any 8-bit processors that can handle
browser-compatible SSL reasonably quickly?

We have a 44MHz Rabbit 3000 doing initial authentication in 2-3
seconds and throughput of about 120K bit/s (with no Trusted Platform
Module). I'm just curious what else might be out there. - Thanks in

Re: Doing SSL on an 8-bit processor

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These guys posted here a while back advertising a library for SSL that runs
on 8-bitters: They claim high portability so
you might try their test drive and see how it works on your hardware /
software.  I asked them directly if they've tested with Dynamic C - they
said their code works with everything, which might mean they've tested it or
it might not.  They might be able to give you some other 8 bit platforms
that their code has been run on.

Dallas has some 8051-based cores with additional crypto hardware.
Xilinx has their picoBlaze 8-bitter with some additional crypto hardware on
one FPGA.
Ateml has AVRs and 6805s with additional crypto hardware.
This doesn't mean someone has a network stack and SSL running on them, but
they are places you might want to look.

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Unless you bother to specify the specific algorithms and key lengths you're
timing with, your numbers are too vague to be useful. SSL3 supports a rather
large crypto suite with algorithms for key exchange, stream cipher, and hash
functions, most with configurable key lengths.

Google found this:
Interesting that they didn't benchmark this against the usual SSL eCommerce
accelerator products.

The last non-crypto-accelerated numbers I remember hearing were back in '96
when I was an eCommerce guy: 0.5 sec for an SSL handshake on a Pentium 150.
Assuming you're only 4-6 times slower than that, that's pretty impressive
for the bunny!


Re: Doing SSL on an 8-bit processor
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The hardware is more critical for speed. The Rabbit 3000A has some new
instructions that speed up encryption/decryption considerably. Mocana
would be an option for Softools users with some recoding.
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Thanks. I'll check them out. I'm curious if they use TPMs.
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We implented SSL3 and TLS1 with the following, for  out-of-the box
compatibility with all major browsers:

 Secure message digest hashing routines for TLS
 RSA public-key encryption routines (includes PKCS encoding)
 Multi-precision arithmetic for RSA
 RC4 symmetric bulk cipher routines
 SHA-1 message digest implementation
 MD5 message digest implementation

No DES yet.

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We're pretty pleased with it. We're trying to figure out pricing now.
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Re: Doing SSL on an 8-bit processor
take a look at


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portability so
it or

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