DimmPC and DVD/CD drive problems

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I have a problem with a DimmPC (ElŠnSC520 based credit card sized PC).
There are drives which cannot seen by the DimmPC in any kind of CSEL
state (I mean slave or master ).
Until this time, we used TEAC DV-28E-BM3 and -B93 (both worked OK) but
now the TEAC came out with -CM3 and it's invisible for the PC.
Another thing is that we have a Samsung drive which recognisable by
the BIOS but unbootable and cannot seen under Win98.

(All these drives with the problems are slim ("laptop-type")
drives...I tested with several normal form-factored desktopPC drive,
and everything worked fined)
Any Ideas ?


Re: DimmPC and DVD/CD drive problems

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I know it sounds silly, but: How are these "laptop-style" devices connected
to your DIMM-PC? (You're using an Kontron/Jumptec evaluation board, are
Could it be through an 44-pin (opposed to the "normal" 40-pin IDE-Interface)
adapter? Did you feed any ground/power lines into this adapter? ;-)

HTH. Salut, JŲrg

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