Dilemna in purchasing Keil MCB900 board....

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Hi all,

I have finally decided to purchase the keil mcb900 development board
from Keil.
I have contacted the local Keil distributors here in India and they
have quoted a price of Rs. 6500, which when converted into USD comes
to around 145 USD.

The problem is that the Keil does not mention any of the prices for
its products, and neither do they have contacted me at my email id
after filling out their online form.

So my question to the revered members of this group is whether 145 USD
fair enough for the mcb900 board? Will I get a better deal if I
directly purchase from Kiel via the internet?

I am sure the price quoted by the local dealer here in India also
includes the freight charges to India as well as a margin of profit
reserved by the dealer for himself.

So if I directly purchase the board from Keil, will I get a better
deal by eliminating the extra cost due to the dealer?
I am in a dilemna of whether to go with the dealer or purchase
directly via the net.

Please advise as this is the first time I am going to purchase a
development board all by myself.

Thanks to all posters of this group.

with warm regards,
Seemanta Dutta

Re: Dilemna in purchasing Keil MCB900 board....
I believe the MCB900 is only $60 USD.


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