Development hardware and PICMG SBCs - some free

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Hi all,

I'm cleaning my closet, and I found some stuff that I've put up on
ebay and some that I'll give away "free to good home as long as you
pay shipping". The free items are only offered within the USA, and
only to a street address (because I want to use UPS to ship them - I
don't want to lug them to the post office).

Free: 10 sample StrongARM CPU chips (5 each of two different speed
grades), and a big development board with lots of peripherals on it,
some documentation, and a Linux port on CD (it has WinCE on flash at
the moment). All this stuff goes together.

Free: Two Newcom Webpal Internet set-top boxes, in retail box with
remote control, one unit has an internal modem, one doesn't.
Interesting CL-PS7500FE system, fun for hobby ARM development. No, you
can't have the IR keyboards, because I want them.

Free: Advantech PCM-5820 Geode SBC. NO VIDEO OUTPUT. I haven't had the
time to sit down and trace out what is wrong with this board, I can
hear it boot up but there's no video signal (no sync, no RGB). Maybe
it has a special BIOS flashed on it. Note that the floppy drive
connector on this board has ben clipped to fit inside a casing.

Free: 7 64Mb PC100 SDRAM SODIMMs from a box marked "bad". I have been
salvaging individual chips off bad SODIMMs for use in hobby projects.
The remaining 7 SODIMMs in this box are unmolested, I've already
thrown out the donor cards.

Free: Somewhere between 100 and 200 PS/2 "Y" cables, for connecting a
mouse and keyboard to a single PS/2 connector.

Stuff up on eBay - search on my user ID (larwe74). Some Pentium CPU
cards, a backplane, some other stuff that went along with the CPU
cards in a system. I've listed the most interesting stuff already,
some other items will probably go up tomorrow or the day after.

Re: Development hardware and PICMG SBCs - some free
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I'll take all of the above.  Please advise how you'd
like shipping paid.  If you'd like to ship them FedEx
ground, I can give you an account number to charge it

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