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InGenius Opening:  Embedded Software Developer - Device Drivers

InGenius People is a Software Engineering and Consulting Firm active
in the Telecom and Video space in Ottawa.  We have a position open to
work inside our company for an embedded software developer to work on
porting low-level device drivers for video applications to multiple
hardware platforms.

Requirements include:

1)    2 years embedded software development experience, including
multiple projects developing or porting device drivers.
2)    2 years experience working in embedded software development
for multiple operating systems.  Best ones to have experience in are:
STMicroelectronics, Linux, VxWorks, UNIX, Windows, Windows CE.
3)    Comfortable and experienced working at the hardware level -
down to the metal.
4)    University degree in Engineering or Computer Science required.
5)    Solid design skills a must.
6)    Good at writing English documentation.
7)    Need excellent references.

Please apply online to us directly at:
and select Current Openings.  

InGenius People will never submit your resume to anyone without your
prior approval.  We value our relationships and treat our staff, our
consultants, our clients and our partners with the common threads of
equality, ethics and mutual respect.  We work hard, and we have fun,
and we are proud of what we do for our clients.

About InGenius

InGenius Engineering Inc. is an Ottawa-based high tech firm with two
lines of business - Custom Software Engineering (since 1986) and
Professional Services (since 1993).  InGenius' Software Engineering
services are focused on Telecommunications Applications; its
Professional Services are focused on IT services for both Government
and Private Sector, and incorporate both Contract Staff and Permanent

InGenius' characteristics include:

    Exceptional team of technical people.  InGenius builds the
right team of for each assignment, from its staff and its network of
highly qualified contract staff.  Rich Loen and Dale Gantous vet all
team members, for suitability from a technical and a team interaction
perspective.  InGenius only hires people with what we call, "the light
behind the eyes" - people who take extreme pride in the work that they
do, and know that the work is only valuable if it is solving the
technical problems of our clients and making them happy.

    Experience with a Broad Range of Technologies, including
Real-Time Software Development, Windows Experts, Telephony
Applications Development, Streaming Technologies, Internet
Technologies, Project Management, Unix Development, Technical Support.

    Two lines of business mean a balanced and stable business.
InGenius has been in business for 18 years, and attributes its
stability to these factors:  
    two lines of business, Custom Engineering Development since
1986, and Professional Services since 1993 focused on both Government
and Private sector.  InGenius has remained strong throughout different
market conditions;
    a conservative and responsible approach to financial
management, with continuous strong banking relationships; and,
    an excellent reputation among our customers and our staff and

    Experience carrying out full commercial product life cycle:
R&D, product architecture planning, design, development, integration
and test, documentation, product release, product maintenance and
customer support.  The InGenius team has been through product
development from inception to full customer support to product
retirement.  We are completely aware of the project management steps
that need to be taken to ensure that quality is built in at the early
stages of product development, the rigors of testing for commercial
viability, the concept of "five nines", especially in the world of
telephony.  We are as well aware of how important our ongoing support
to our customers is - we build long lasting relationships based on the
quality of our work and our ongoing support.

    Experience in all business aspects of commercial high tech
products business, including business planning, product marketing,
channel development, product planning, product management,
forecasting, sales and sales management.  This means that we easily
understand the objectives, perspective, and constraints of marketing
people as well as technical people, and can work to achieve the goals
of both.  We are good communicators with engineering and marketing.

    Strong combination of software and hardware experience.
InGenius' founder Rich Loen is a member of the Association of
Professional Engineers of Ontario, with a Bachelor of Electrical
Engineering degree, and specialization in software.  He has worked in
and managed the delivery of combined hardware/software solutions.

    Flexible and easy to work with.  InGenius can take on complete
projects on an outsourced basis, or can provide people to our
customers to enhance your existing teams.  InGenius can do a complete
technology transfer to our customers' in-house engineers whenever

    InGenius' values include approaching our customers, our
partners and our employees with open and honest communications.  We
believe this is the best way to get to quality results in the shortest
timeframe - and we believe that it is not only good for business, it
is the most enjoyable and ethical way to work.

Standing Offers

In addition to its software engineering work for the telecom sector,
InGenius currently holds the following Standing Offers for provision
of Professional Services to government entities:
Client            Standing Offer Type
Federal Government    Government On Line (GOL, all three streams)
Federal Government    IPS Marketplace
Federal Government    Temporary Help Services
City of Ottawa        IT Development and Support
House of Commons    Web Support and Application Support

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