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Hello all,

I have tasked with another co-worker to write requirements and design
a Board Support Package (BSP) for some small projects we are working
on. Neither my co-worker nor I have design or developed for a solution
of this nature. I wanted to asked the following question if I may so

1) Is there any books, articles or websites that discuss BSPs? I have
the following...

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Real-Time Operating System and Architectural
Safety-Critical Software Development for Integrated Modular Avionics
by Paul Parkinson - Senior Systems Engineer, Wind River

2) What considerations should be observed when designing a BSP
3) What type of functionality should be included in a BSP solution?
4) The lead wants the solution to be Run-time and Factory configuration

schemes, so what is the best approach to this unique problem?
5) We would like to create a library of functions that the OS and
Application layer can utilitize. What type of functions should we
include in the BSP?
6) What design considersations should we observed or put into place to
run-time and fractory configuration of CSCI (Computer Software
Configuration Item) items?
Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you


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