Debugging with AVR JTAGICE

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Hi All.
I decided to enhance my tools and bought Olimex AVR JTAG ICE.
To make sure that all the connections between my board with mega128
processor and emulator are good, I successfully programmed it through
JTAG port. I could also, verify and read fuses.

I made simple program with two cycles, got coff-file, loaded it to AVR
studio in software emulation mode and made sure that AVR studio (ver.
4.10) understands it and I can simulate the C-code.

After that I tried to open the coff-file in JTAG ICE mode. It was read
but it gave me following messages:

Loaded plugin STK500
Loaded partfile: C:\Program Files\Atmel\AVR Tools\PartDescriptionFiles\
Loaded objectfile: C:\WinAVR_sos1\examples\demo\demo.cof
Error reading memory  IO  Address:0  Size:64
Error reading memory  REGISTERS  Address:0  Size:32
Error reading memory  SRAM  Address:96  Size:160

After that I could not step the program. Studio either hung up or gave
me error messages.

I am sure that I miss something in settings or configurations. Could
somebody give an advice?
PS Sorry for posting here but not to avrfreaks, but avrfreaks seem to
have died for a long time.
Thanks, Alex.

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