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We are designing a PC104 format system that sends out a stimulus
sample from an array and then A/D's the response.  It repeats this
process 5000 times a second for about 10 secs.  We are using an Apex
Status X A/D/A board with Matlab and the Real Time Toolbox, selecting
the drivers for the MCC board CIO DAS1602/16.   This works just fine.
No problem.
But now we need the C program version, but the MCC Universal Library
for the product does not support this functionality.  "Pacer"
capability is needed. (Is one part of the problem that the D/A on the
CIO DAS1602/16 has no FIFO memory?)
So we are looking for a C driver to do what Matlab can do.  But so far
after a lot of searching we are surprised to have found none.  Any
suggestions would be most welcome.

Re: D/A A/D
The only guys I know that can help are at www.quanser.com. They have done
true real-time for years,including 'patching' into Matlab. They have their
own 'Multi-Q' board for a/d,d/a.encoders/dio.
Friendly bunch of guys, ask for Andrew or Jacob, they both like challenges.
Check out the webpage and you'll see what I mean!

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