CPU temperature reading with C

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Here is the deal: I've connected a 2x20 HD44780 based LCD to the parallel
port and trying to program it. I'm using Borland C. I've managed to program
the HD44780. What I want to do is displaying different Mother Board settings
at the LCD. There are plenty of programs doing taht, but I want to make my
own simple DOS program displaying i.e CPU teperature, System temperatur,
system clock etc. I've searched in Google but couldn't find any usefull
stuff. I'm using an Abit IC7-G mother board. Abit has a tool called Abit Eq
showing the values I want to display. I'm a newbee in programming. Abit uses
a super I/O chip called winboard w83627hf. Some people claimed that BIOS
memory maps the values, and if I read the addresses I could get the values,
but I don't know the addresses and how to interprete the values. Could some
body help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance...

Re: CPU temperature reading with C

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. I'm a newbee in programming. Abit uses
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According to this entry found by google'ing for
"winbond w83627 source"


What you seek is allready out there ... even in the winbond datasheet
witch can be found here

It seems (from the forum entry) like the lm sensors packet supports
that one , as its a linux project you might be able to get some code
as its prob. GPL'ed

lm sensors project
http://secure.netroedge.com/~lm78 /


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