Convert digital LCD signal to RGB signal for CRT display

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I'm working on using Intel PXA255 to have simultaneous LCD panel & CRT
display capability.

How do we convert the digital LCD signals to the analog RGB for CRT
display. Namely from the PXA255 LCD controller outputs are:

L_FCLK : Frame clock
L_BIAS : AC Bias / data enable
L_LCLK : Line clock
L_PCLK : Pixel clock
L_DD[15:0] : pixel_data

There are dedicated EPSON graphics controller such as SD13860 that is
abled for simultaneous LCD & CRT output, but cost is a factor, so i
need to explore more ingenius methods.

how can the HSync, VSync, R, G, B signals be derived.

For the RGB signals, this is my concept on going about it. Suppose it
is in 16-bit in 565 format.

RED -- (L_DD[15:11])
GREEN -- (LDD[10:5])
BLUE -- (L_DD[4:0])

1. Use 8-bit (256-levels) to convert to its analog equivalent for the
3 signals. But who to synchronise with the HSync & VSync signals that
are to be extracted from the digital clocks.

For HSync & VSync, how do we correlate with the Line Clock, Frame
Clock & Pixel clock ?

SOme hints would be appreciated. Thanks All.


Re: Convert digital LCD signal to RGB signal for CRT display
Look at the Chrontel TV Encoders.

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