CompactFlash, Card Information Structure, DeviceSpeed

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What, if any, tuple in the CIS can be used to setup card controller common
memory space bus cycle timings?

I've found several high-speed, solid state CompactFlash cards report 250ns
device speed in the device information tuple and yet these same cards
actually work at, and are specified at,100ns common memory cycle timing
(SanDisk Ultra II 1GB, SanDisk 512MB standard and industrial grade, Lexar
media 2GB professional).

It's not practical to hold a data-base of all cards made by all
manufacturers, nor does it seem sensible to have to issue an ATA identify
device command and try and map the PIO mode to a common memory cycle timing.
So what is the recommended way to configure a controller optimally for a
given card?

Any pointers greatly appreciated

Tim Clacy

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