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Hi all,

I am supposed to write a driver for compact pci.I know the architecture of pci.
I have tried to search but i did not get the architectural details of Compact

Can anybody explain me the architectural difference between PCI and Compact PCI.
Any link or resources?

Thank you very much,
Ram Sudhir Tadavarthi

Re: compact pci info
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I'm no programmer, but the cPCI specs is available through

One driver difference in cPCI is the various levels of hotswap support,
since cPCI can be designed for insertion/removal in live systems, and
the resources may need to be allocated/released gracefully.

Major parts of a board may be held inactive until the system master
allows it online, also to make sure power supply is not overloaded.

You also have a slot addressing which is not in PCI, and maybe hot
standby system masters to take over in case the active fails.

How much of this is implemented depends on the requirements in the
particular system.


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