Compact Flash Identify Drive command

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Hi All
Probably not really an embedded type question, but I'm sure someone here
will know the answer.
Is there any Windows untility that will display all of the Compact Flash
data as returned by the identify drive command? Especially useful if this
util would work across a USB reader, and not via an IDE-2-CF adaptor ('cos I
don;t have one!).

Re: Compact Flash Identify Drive command
I am not certain if it will work for you or not, but check out USB
Snoopy, available on  This utility will plant itself
between the PC Host (driver) and the USB peripheral, allowing you to
capture the comm traffic between the device and host.  You can then
trace through the commands to the drive and see how the drive responds.

Re: Compact Flash Identify Drive command

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That's not going to work, if the command/response is between the
peripheral controller and device (CF).  In this case, the peripheral
controller is hidding the complexity of the device to make it look like
a generic device.  I am not entirely sure, but the controller is very
likely to translate the data somewhat.

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