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Is codewarrior a good compiler to use for HC08 controllers. I have heard
some negative things about it. Is there a better compiler to use. I am
getting ready to start an HC08 project and need to choose a compiler.


Re: Codewarrior Compiler

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It's an excellent, professional environment and priced accordingly.

FWIW, though, I used the DSP56F805 version of Codewarrior for a small
project and really hated the development environment. I'd almost prefer
a root canal without anesthetics.

If this is for a personal/hobby project, Imagecraft has a nice C
compiler for the HC08 that's in a more reasonable price range. I have
their AVR and MSP430 compilers and am looking at the ARM, as well. /

For some feedback on how others feel about the compiler, there is a
mailing list (and archive) at /

Rich Webb   Norfolk, VA

Re: Codewarrior Compiler
The CW compiler is very good, but I've found some bugs on Processor
There is a free16Ko version.

ICC08 is good too, less expensive, but has just a compiler, no debug tool as


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Re: Codewarrior Compiler

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But you can either use the free P&E debugger or pay $100 to get NoICE08.
A pittance of change...

// richard

Re: Codewarrior Compiler

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I've not used Metrowerks or the ICC that others have recommended, but
I'm sure they are good tools.

I can tell you about Cosmic for the '08, which I've used for about 5
years.  Code generation is excellent, only one strange bug (If I
created a non-standard section and initialized the first object in
that section to the string "NULL," the tool that converted debug info
into P&E format would barf: changing the initialization string to
"null" avoided the problem), and error reporting is lousy (It'll tell
you something's wrong with the code, but half the time you're not sure
where or what the problem is.  PC-lint fixes that problem.)

It won't take you by the hand and write your code for you, or even
make it particularly easy, but you are given almost complete control
over the chip an its resources.  All in all a worthwhile tool.


Change is inevitable, progress is not.

Re: Codewarrior Compiler

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Why don't you download it and see for yourself? The 16 KB version (C source
code - unlimited assembly code) doesn't cost anything...

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