Cisco router emulation possible?

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If the cisco 2500, 2600 and 3600 routers could be emulated in software
and IOS run on them, complex networks could be built in software. It
could be sold to cisco for exam purposes too.

I know of m68k emulators, what about MIPS R5000 emulators? The
ethernet connections in these routers are based on AMD ethernet chips,

Lastly, beside the MCU itself and connection to the RAM and flash,
what else has to be emulated to successfully boot the IOS?

Re: Cisco router emulation possible?
r u indian?

Re: Cisco router emulation possible?
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I'm not sure what that has to do with router emulation.

Re: Cisco router emulation possible?
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I believe Cisco already has this - i.e., ported IOS to a PC-based
emulator with virtual interfaces that interact with other emulated
devices.  IIRC, they'd also licensed it to some training firms back in
the dot-com days, and they were renting entire virtual racks of gear as
a service to complement their training programs.

I'd think that to try and hack this yourself would be a long road, and
the performance would be relatively poor.  Far better to take the source
code, write virtual interface drivers, and run it full-speed in a
timeslice of a commodity PC.  Of course, you first need the source code,
which makes this a tough task for an outsider.

Try asking at  They may have more info on where it's
being used, etc.

Re: Cisco router emulation possible?
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I highly doubt we can lay our hands on IOS code, unless the stolen
code that was circulating online for IOS 12.2 is complete and easily
compilable. I'd still want to build a business plan on it, so cant use

Should be easier to take the 68k emulation code from motorolla, talk
to the ucLinux group which ported Linux to the cisco 2500 router, open
a router up and list all the interface chips connected to the 2500,
and modify the 68k emulator to look like a 2500 to software. Compile
the thing, optimised for speed, and run the binaries as a network on
an Athlon64 3000+, should produce real-time emulation for several
routers. I know selling such software to CCIE students will be
trivial, the only problem being access to some real IOS.

So is adapting any complete m68k emulator to a 2500 emulator simple?
Is adapting bochs or vmware for 286 (is there such a version?) or
dosemu for 286, to a PIX 501 simple?

I know the m68k exists because 'kgens' emulates a sega genesis, which
runs on a 68000 cpu, gives great performance on a pentium1. How hard
is it to hack kgens to emulate a 2500?

Re: Cisco router emulation possible?
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Of course, therein lies the biggest obstacle, and the one I'd suggest
needs to be addressed before delving into the technical design.  Even if
you are only supplying a platform for students to load IOS onto, they
would be doing so illegally, as they wouldn't be licensed for it.

In the end, I suspect you would be stopped from selling your product,
after spending a great amount of time perfecting it.  If you do some
searches on "Cisco" and "Huawei", you will find a tale of a major
Chinese manufacturer of competing products that just happened to run
Cisco IOS.

Re: Cisco router emulation possible?

Wasnt there sometning called "routersim"

Do some google'ing for that ... , well i did it for you /


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