ChainTask and TerminateTask in OSEK

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Has anyone see this problem?

I have a BCC task that has to make a run-time decision to perform a
ChainTask (on itself) or a TerminateTask:

x = global_var;

if ( x )
   ChainTask (this_task);

The problem is that there is a window of vulnerability between the
ResumeAllInterrupts and the TerminateTask where an interrupt or task
can preempt and write global_var (to non-zero).  In which case, the
task would really have wanted to ChainTask and not TerminateTask.  Is
there a way to make this thread-safe?

Can't use ECC tasks because they use too much stack.
Can't use PostTaskHook because this is called every time this task is
Can't remove ResumeAllInterrupts call because OSEK doesn't allow API
calls within a critical section.

Re: ChainTask and TerminateTask in OSEK

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What happens if the event occurs after your task terminates?
Is there another task to accept it or does the event become

If the first is true, you should communicate with this other
tasks by means of semaphores or similar and terminate when
the other task is ready to deal with the event.

in the second case, I can't see why there is a necessity to
care. You can't predict the future and need to decide at some

Or wouldn't it be best never to terminate, but to have some sort
of state diagram. Personally I prefer the use of ever existing
tasks and use termination only in rare circumstances.

Re: ChainTask and TerminateTask in OSEK
Thanks for the reply.

The preempting task or interrupt will do something like the following:

global_var = 5;
ActivateTask( id_of_task_that_wants_to_chain_or_terminate );

So if the event occurs after the task terminates, the ActivateTask
should start the task up again to act on the new value of global_var.

Can't use infinite loop (non terminating tasks) because I may have
several tasks at the same priority.  The tasks need to be cooperative.

Re: ChainTask and TerminateTask in OSEK

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know OSEK specifically, but there should exist some
sort of event that your interrupt can post.

Your task could pend on that event instead of terminating. It won't
keep the CPU busy while pending. The other tasks at same or other
priorities will be able to execute their code independantly of
the waiting task.

Re: ChainTask and TerminateTask in OSEK
OSEK provides Event flags (and the accompanying WaitEvent) for ECC
tasks only.  It doesn't provide this service for BCC tasks.  I'm using
BCC tasks because my system can't afford the cost (excess stack) of ECC
tasks.  Several BCC tasks at the same priority will share a stack
because they're running cooperatively.

Re: ChainTask and TerminateTask in OSEK

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But in case when requested resources aren't available, it may lead
to indeterministic behavior of the operation. This situation may
occur, when too many tasks are activated. To avoid that weakness,
the user is also allowed to statically assign task control blocks
and stack areas for critical tasks.
Such explicitly defined resources are hold by a task for the
application life time. In this case the task control block
and/or the task stack are not released and cannot
be re-assigned for other tasks.

Couldn't you have a sort of background permanent task that will
reactivate your task when the event occurs?

Re: ChainTask and TerminateTask in OSEK

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I was hoping there was a way to not have an active entity reactivate
the task in the event that the task was preempted within this window.
I was hoping for a way to close the window.

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