CFP: 2004 MAPLD International Conference

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                           Call for Papers

            7th Mil/Aerospace Applications of Programmable
            Logic Devices International Conference (MAPLD)

         Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
                           Washington, D.C.
                        September 8-10, 2004

                Hosted by the NASA Office of Logic Design

   The 7th annual MAPLD International Conference's extensive program
   will include presentations, seminars, workshops, and exhibits
   on programmable logic devices and technologies, digital engineering,
   and related fields for military and aerospace applications.
   Devices, technologies, logic design, flight applications, fault
   tolerance, usage, reliability, radiation susceptibility, and
   encryption applications of programmable devices, processors,
   and adaptive computing systems in military and aerospace systems
   are among the subjects for the conference.

   We are planning an exciting event with presentations by
   Government, industry, and academia, including talks by
   distinguished Invited Speakers.   This conference is open to
   US and foreign participation and is not classified.  For related
   information, please see the NASA Office of Logic Design Web Site
   ( ).

   This year, there will be special emphasis on the following themes:

       "War Stories" and Lessons Learned
       Programmable Logic and Obsolescence Issues
       Implementing high performance, high reliability processor cores.
       Logic design evaluation, design guidelines, and recommendations.
       Verification methods for radiation hardness and fault tolerance.
       Applications such as MIL-STD interfaces, UAV's, and controllers.
       Automated Checkers for low reliability design constructs.
       PLD tools/methods that we need but vendors don't supply.

   CONFERENCE HOME PAGE - - contains
   an abundance of information on both technical and programmatic
   aspects of the conference.

   SEMINARS - Two full-day seminars will be presented:

       VHDL Synthesis for High-Reliability Systems
       Aerospace Mishaps and Lessons Learned


       "Why Is Space Exploration So Hard?  The Roles of Man and Machine"


       Mitigation Methods for Reprogrammable Logic in
           The Space Radiation Environment
       Reconfigurable Computing - New Extended Format!
       PLD Failures, Analyses, and the Impact on Systems - NEW for 2004!
       Digital Engineering and Computer Design - A Retrospective and
           Lessons Learned for Today's Engineers
       "An Application Engineer's View" - Back for 2004!
       "NESC and Software" - a joint session of MAPLD and the NASA
           Engineering and Saftey Center


       Applications: Military and Aerospace
       Systems and Design Tools
       Radiation and Mitigation Techniques
       Processors: General Purpose and Arithmetic
       Reconfigurable Computing, Evolvable Hardware, and Security
       Poster Session

   (early reservations, more to come):

      NASA Office of Logic Design         Mentor Graphics Corporation
      Xilinx Corporation                  Synthworks
      Tensilica                           Actel Corporation
      Annapolis Microsystems              Space Micro, Inc.
      SEAKR Engineering                   Aldec
      IEEE Aerospace and Electronics      Systems Society
      Hier Design                         Global Velocity
      Lattice Semiconductor               Quicksilver Technology
      Celoxica                            BAE Systems
      Nallatech                           The Andraka Consulting Group
      Aeroflex                            Synopsys
      Peregrine Semiconductor             Starbridgesystems
      Condor Engineering                  AccelChip
      NASA Engineering and Safety Center

   For more information, please visit
   or contact:

      Richard Katz - Conference Chair   NASA Goddard Space Flight Center               Tel: (301) 286-9705

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