CE compliance testing?

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Hi all.

I am working on a design that I might want to get CE certified.  I have
not done this before.  The product is a consumer-ish product with a
keyboard.  I am looking for suggestions for this process.

As snipped-for-privacy@despammed.com responded to an e-mail about
keyboards/keyscanning, I will have definitely have to worry about ESD.  
I will consider his(her?) suggestions.

I started reading about CE @ www.cemarking.net, but that site has nearly
zero technical material.

Are there any other good resources?  Will I be forced to buy the IEC
standards for beau coup $$/Euros?

Thank you.

Re: CE compliance testing?
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Yes, that is the "nice" thing about these standards. You have to pay for
every single document. For consumer electronics, you need a copy of EN/IEC
61000-6-1 and EN/IEC 61000-6-3. These can be purchased for about 70 euro or
so. You then need to establish if your device if compliant with the limits
stated in these standards. For detailed measuring setups, there are other
documents to be purchased, but this information can be found on the internet

The nice part of these both standards is that they allow you to
self-certify. If you are absolutely sure that you meet these standards and
you can back that up with a "technical construction file" which describes
your measuring methods and results and what you have done in your design to
make it EMC proof, then you can put the CE mark on the product.


Re: CE compliance testing?
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No, you don't need these standards as they are
meaningless without the  measurement gear anyway.
I'd rather suggest to visit one of the test centers
that offer the tests. They also consult you for
a meagre fee.

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