CCD / CMOS affordable camera kits???

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I tried searching the web, but failed to find what I need, that's wh
I am posting.

I am trying to get up to speed in Digital Image Processing based o

FPGA design

I am having hard time finding a camera kit (cmos or ccd) with VG

resolution. I know Atmel, Omnivision, Kodak, provide sensors, but
don't want to bother with board layout at this point. I simply wan
to read raw image data from the sensor (camera) and figure out how t
do image processing in an Spartan 3 FPGA

Are there any well known development kits that will let me do that? O

should I just take apart cheap Webcam and solder some wires

Please assist, my budget is at most $50 and I need to find a ccd/cmo

sensor with pinhole lens ASAP.

I am new to imaging field, so please excuse  if my question is poorl


Thank you

Re: CCD / CMOS affordable camera kits???
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If the FPGA board has an RS-232 interface, like the Xilinx Spartan 3 kit,
I'd buy a cheap USB webcam and interface it to the kit via an FTDI USB-RS232

Leon Heller, G1HSM

Re: CCD / CMOS affordable camera kits???

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Still need drivers for the ftdi chip.
All the current usb2serial adaptors do
and AFAIK none of them can act as hosts yet.

Unless you mean go usbweb cam -> pc -> ftdi-adaptor -> s3kit

Could try using one of the older serial webcams.
May be able to find one in a disposal shop or similar.

Have seen an old logitech serial webcam be used
for a similar purpose.

What about the cmucam ? /
or a cmucam1
Neither are vga, cheapest is around US$100


Re: CCD / CMOS affordable camera kits???
On Sun, 29 May 2005 03:15:23 -0500,

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Try . They have a module that provides either
a JTAG or RAW image over a serial link. I cannot access the site right
now, but AFAICR the price was in the region of US$50 although the
resolution might not be full VGA.

  Anton Erasmus

Re: CCD / CMOS affordable camera kits???

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Why when most of these are one chip sensors, and a lot of the Omnivision
chips can then have Marshall's board camera lens fittings to go over the
chip and have choice of lens to fit, which are cheap!

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Define raw image data? This could be all sorts of things as RAW data be
anything from colour filter signals or differences between adjacent sites
up to formatted data signals. They can analog or digital depending on
the device being used, CCDs are predominantly analog, CMOS sensors are
predominantly digital.

If you are not doing board layout how are you going to get the data to
a Spartan 3 FPGA?

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MOST webcams are not VGA resolution they are smaller.

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Try Marshalls <

Try even getting hold of camera and evaluation kits from Omnivision

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Image processing is a lot of things from adjusting black level or gain to
rotating or fourier transforms of images, what do you men by image processing?
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Paul Carpenter          |
< PC Services
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re:CCD / CMOS affordable camera kits???
My original thought was to read pixel values from a sensor with Baye
filter. So I would end up reading a mosaic of green, red, blue pixel
and then complete the image on the FPGA board.

That's what I meant by raw data. I suppose this sounds like a useles
project since this function is usually done on the chip, unless it i
a 3 CCD camera.

I just thought this would be a great place to start getting up t

speed. I was looking for a development kit, where I can have
sensor, lense and access to the pins, so that then I can captur
"raw" data with Spartan 3 board

C328-7640 also sounds like an interesting solution with an UAR
interface. It basically uses OV7640 Sensor and OV528 Compressio
Engine that interfaces to UART.

However, I would like to capture the image directly from the sensor

complete pixels (based on adjacent values), possibly compress it an
pass it to the PC via UART where it will be displayed. Spartan Boar
has 1Mbyte of on board memory, so there is enough room to work on
680x480 image

Thank you, for all your help

Re: CCD / CMOS affordable camera kits???
I am also poundering similar stuff. I opened an obsolete 2MP digital camera.
The Casio 400K pixel LCD was stripped easily, but the connectors are
to fit into breadboard. They used some copper strips embedded in a plastic
type. May I know how to recycle this LCD?


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