case manufacturers?

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Sorry, new here, working on an embedded device and I'm looking for possible
vendors for case design/fabrication.

Seems like most shops I'm finding also want to sell the board/RTOS/software
engineering, but I don't need any of that---just a vendor/fab of aluminum or
plastic cases that we can mount/brand our solution. Ideally they'd be able
to do powder coating and/or silk screening and would have a US office.


Re: case manufacturers?
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We have not done much metal. My comments are about plastic.

We have had very good success with Polycase and Bud Industries.
I found out Bud gets some of their plastic cases from Polycase,
so if you select an identical box offered by both you should be
in good shape.

These manufacturers know that we need this kind of work done,
so they offer machining and silkscreen printing to fit your
PC board, and at a reasonable price too, (once your quantities
are up.)

Gary Peek                mailto:
Industrologic, Inc.
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Re: case manufacturers?
Thanks Gary! much appreciated, I'll check in with them.


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Re: case manufacturers?

For aluminum, try giving Tim at ALPTEX a call.  They can do design and small
to medium volume and have means to move up to whatever volume you need.
I've used them for several items and am currently in design on another
product.  I don't have their number handy, but the site is

Good Luck,


Re: case manufacturers?
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If you have good enough drawings, put up an RFQ at You will
likely get dozens of reponses. I used that once, and really recommend it.

You might want to include what you would consider an upper unit cost. I got
some quotes that were really crazy, but many or most were reasonable.

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