Car Computer PC-104 Shut down Power up

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The problem designing a computer system for a car to run a GPS or a
analysing a cars electrical system,

one the operating system, when the power is shut down the turned on if you
are using windows 95, 98, XP the operating system goes into a scan disk or
some other self diagnostic mode, plus keyboards and a mouse has to be

Then comes the software that has to be auto activated when the computer is
fired up so one dosen`t have to use a keaboard or mouse.
This system would just use the one program.

With all these problems I can see why people use pic chips.

Is there some  way around these problems, so the power can be disconnected
from the computer without having to use a keaboard or mouse to shut it down.

Plus have the software fire up soon has power is applied.

And I don`t think there is any embedded 95 or 98 operating systems around
which most of these programs will ooperate in.

Thanks BOB

Re: Car Computer PC-104 Shut down Power up
Both are not too hard to address.

If you have some sort of monitor program, you can detect when ignition
power(ACC) goes away, then shutdown the PC in a graceful manner.  The
PC is running off from battery power to do this, of course.  Very
similar to a UPS based system.

Similarly, one can wake on ignition, and by having a startup item,
start your program after the system starts up.  If NT based, it is easy
to configure the system to autologon and continue on.


Re: Car Computer PC-104 Shut down Power up
Quoted text here. Click to load it

This seems overly draconian.  Most modern PCs support other power states
besides on and off.  Deep sleep would be much better, IMHO, than 'off'
when the ignition is turn off.


Re: Car Computer PC-104 Shut down Power up
Didn't sound like he was planning on using a "modern" machine.  He was
talking about 9x as an OS.  I agree that there are other power states,
but it depends a great deal on your hardware and if your OS recognizes
and supports this.  You still need some way to input this info to the
machine w/o typical user input.

I suggested a simple method that would work for nearly any OS/hardware

Another concern is sleep current.  I don't know what the sleep current
is in a PC at the various stages, but you are going to want something
that can drop down to very low mA if not uA.


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