C6x DMA: using dma_int0 to trigger a dma transaction on dma1

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TI C6x question here:

the dma channels on the C6x can be setup such that they are
synchronized to a number of events (32 total). I have experimenting
with this such at

ext_int7 triggers dma channel 0 to move data
on completion dma0 generates dma_int0 (cpu int8)

I would like to use dma_int0 to kick off another transaction but
with dma channel 1. in short have dma channel 1 synchronized to
the dma0's complete interrupt.

the first part is functioning as expected, second part is where
the problem lies. I know the dma0 complete interrupt is generated
since I have a handler chained to it, but its not triggering a
transaction on dma channel 1.

Has anyone done something like this?
Ill post code if anyone is interested.


Re: C6x DMA: using dma_int0 to trigger a dma transaction on dma1
Quoted text here. Click to load it

int    wdDmaCtrl0=0,wdDmaCtrl1;

    /*halt DMA0 and DMA1*/
    /*initialize DMA0 to transfer on int 7 and to reload
 using counterA and globalB*/

    DMA0_SRC_ADDR=(unsigned int)LCL_FIFO_IO;
    DMA0_DEST_ADDR=(unsigned int)LCL_INT_DATA_MEM;
    DMA_GADDR_B=(unsigned int)LCL_INT_DATA_MEM;
    /*initialize DMA1 to transfer on dmaint0 and to
     reload using counterB and globalC*/
    DMA1_SRC_ADDR=(unsigned int)LCL_INT_DATA_MEM;
    DMA1_DEST_ADDR=(unsigned int)LCL_FIFO_XX;
    DMA_GADDR_C=(unsigned int)LCL_INT_DATA_MEM;
    /*kick off the process*/


dma0 operates as expected and theres a call to my dma0_int8
(dma complete) isr. But dma1 isnt being triggered on dma0's
completion as expected.

data is read out of fifo_IO into idram (dma0)
but not from idram into fifo_xx        (dma1)

Any ideas?

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