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I'm a second year computing student and am struggling with an assignment
where I have to compane the C500 and PIC16C64 Microcontrollers.
Any information you people can give me would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks

Re: C500 & PIC16C64
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Go to Infineon's site and download the C500 Architecture and Instruction Set
manual. Go to Microchip's site and download the PIC16C84 datasheet. Read them
then compare them.

One problem is that the C500 is a family while the PIC16C84 is a specific
microcontroller of the PIC16 family. Does your teacher want you to just compare
the instruction sets or do they want to get into hardware iimplementations? If
the latter, then they should choose a particular member of the C500 family.

Re: C500 & PIC16C64
go to the vendor's websites. (www.infineon.com , www.microchip.com )

Download the datasheet and user manual of each device and compare
architecture and features.
The C500 as I recall is an Infineon 8051 derivative.

So your job is to compare the 8051 architecture with the PIC.
Rather simple after reading the user manual which usually also contains an
architecture description.

Good luck !

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Re: C500 & PIC16C64
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"Assuming" C500 is basically 8051, and "knowing" Intel's preferences ...
Is this just Harvard vs von Neumann, and RISC vs CISC?

Re: C500 & PIC16C64

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PIC and 805x are both Harvard arch.

Re: C500 & PIC16C64
The C compilers for the PIC16 family are not very good, IMHO.  They are
better for the PIC18 family.  The 16's have some serious architectural
limitations, too - including slow performance.

Sorry, just personal experience and days of frustration.  Even Microchip
tries to steer you away from the 16's to the 18's ...  :-)

Don't know much about the C500's ....

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Re: C500 & PIC16C64
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C500 is a family by Infineon, one of 50 odd manufactures of the 8051
types. The 8051 family numbers over 600 variants.

There are also many (over 30)  8051 IP cores used in ASICs and FGGAs

There is a wide range of tools for the 51 family from many vendors.

The compilers range from free to those used in safety critical, medical,
aerospace uses.

There are a wide range of full In Circuit Emulators and even on some
51's there is JTAG. there are many simulators as well.

ALL 600 odd 8051 variants are all binary compatible in the core and
basic peripherals. They range from 8 pin (PIC pin compatible) up to 80+

The Infineon C500 is only OTP or ROM. Infineon do not have flash (yet).
However others (Atmel, Philips etc. do have Flash). Some 8051 types
(Dalas, Philips, Analog Decices can address 16Mbytes linear memory.

There is a 16 bit version of the '51 family, the '251 made by several
vendors, is also binary compatible with the 51.

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