C Compilers for C167

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i bought a mcb167-net eval-board from keil. with the uVision compiler
i can load code < 4k (not enough).

is there a compiler with (nearly) unlimited code size which works with
my board???

perhaps, there is a compiler for linux... ???

best regards,
lukas t.

Re: C Compilers for C167
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Disclaimer: I haven't used either of the above.  
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Re: C Compilers for C167
Hi Lukas,
what about the Keil compiler you can buy ;-)  It is probably the best
166 compiler.  There is also a Tasking compiler and here it gets
interesting for you, the is a GNU compiler port done by High-Tec in

An Schwob

lukast wrote:
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Re: C Compilers for C167

lukast schrieb:
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just buy the full version from Keil. The test version is limited to 4k,
but not the full version.


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