C/C++ compiler that will work with Atmel STK500

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Hi all:
Anyone knows of a free C/C++ compiler that I could use with an Atmel
STK500 board? I would like to use it under Linux, but a Windows compiler
will be fine too. Please advise.


Re: C/C++ compiler that will work with Atmel STK500
Hello Sonoman,

You shouldn't mix up two things: The compiler/assembler which
generates the hex file/binary from your (C/assembly) source and the
programmer software which transfers this hex code to your
For compilers for AVR there's AVR GCC, IAR AVR Compiler, CodeVision
AVR Compiler and perhaps some others.
For programmer software there're Pony-Prog, AVRDUDE any many others,
of course including Atmels programmer included with AVR Studio. Most
of them will work with the STK500 as well.
For more information just enter the mentioned name in Google.


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