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I'm seeking a terminal that has a browser built in. Here are the requirements

1. Low power - like seriously low (most terminals I've seen are far too power
2. Small LCD, need only be monochrome, backlight is optional. 5.7" diagonal is
absolute max. Probably prefer smaller.
3. Touch screen.
4. Prefer options for RS232, Ethernet or USB interface.

I would like to use it as a panel mount display for my own embedded system (a
data logger) that has a built in HTTP server.

I've looked at
  - Advantech TPC-642 StrongARM touch panel computer with 5.7" QVGA STN LCD
  - Axiomtek GOT-2570S 5.7" QVGA STN Fanless Touch Panel Computer

But I think I need something that does not run Windows CE, but has an embedded
micro browser built in as well as a communications port to interface to my


Re: Browser Terminal
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When i used to work for the HRDC kiosks I was involved in building
terminals of this type.  We decided to skip on the embedded part because
it was too hard to maintain.

You want a "small" LCD but many poeple (older poeple) can't read that
small of a font. Usually poeple want around 15inches minimum for 800x600
web page browsing.

A company demoed once a PC that was around 2 inches thick and the side
was an LCD screen.  It had full ethernet, touch capability and
everything.  I don't remember the name but this was in 1997 (they might
still be around).  The PC was also fan-less. and was made for wall

Maby a google search can help you in that respect.

Just remember that having a small LCD might not be a godsend, especially
for complex pages or textual layouts.


Re: Browser Terminal
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What do you mean by item 4, exactly? What kind of USB interface? I think
you'd better forgo that last one unless you want to spend the rest of
your life writing drivers.

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If it has a web browser built in, it will have an OS built in. That
could be Linux, or Windows CE, or QNX, or (...).

Maybe you want to consider the mARMalade product from EarthLCD. It has
serial and Ethernet, and is fairly low-power. You can attach a variety
of LCDs. Touchscreen controller is provided. You can build eLinx to run
on the framebuffer console (which is part of the Linux distro shipped
with the mARMalade).

Re: Browser Terminal

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Thanks Lewin,

That is the kind of answer I was looking for. Does anyone now of similar devices.

I like the fact that someone has already ported Linux and a browser to it!


Re: Browser Terminal
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There are numerous other similar products. A Palm PDA, for instance. A
Zaurus, which already runs Linux. Intrinsyc
< has several products that might fit the
bill, too.

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