Bootloader for WinCE and Linux

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I wonder if someone have some recomandation for me when selecting a
bootlader who have the abilety to load and boot Linux or WinCE?
The target is a PXA270 with only USB. So I have to load the image on USB.


Re: Bootloader for WinCE and Linux

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I would guess that if you need a boot loader which prepares CPU, Memory and
whatever peripheral configuration needs to be enabled suitable for both
operating systems you'll have to write your own.
May be you can start with some linux code and - at an appropriate point -
run windows CE which should come with a boot loader (not opensource though)
for the platform. these are frequently located in the BSP (board support

Re: Bootloader for WinCE and Linux
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Why not run two boot loaders?
Reset into one of the boot loaders, and if you need the other O/S
load the other bootloader.
The AT91RM9200 can boot either from a parallel flash, a serial flash or an
If you have a micro emulating the EEPROM, then the micro can supply
either boot 1, or boot 2 from the internal flash.
If you want to switch, then send a message from boot 1 to the micro
which will set an internal EEPROM byte, and after a reset, the micro
will deliver the iother boot.

On the AT91RM9200EK Evaluation Kit, you have a jumper.
If you set the jumper in one position, it boots Linux,
if you set it in another position, you boot WinCE.

This is accomplished using the boot mode select (BMS) input.
Set "low", the CPU boots Linux from a parallel flash.
Set "high", the CPU boots from the internal boot ROM
allowing loading in a second level boot from a serial memory.

Best Regards,
Ulf Samuelsson
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