Booting linux on a Compaq T1000.

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Hi :).

Compaq T1000 are thin clients, equipped with Windows CE. I have an
access to many of those, and I do linux xterminal networks setup. So I
thought that putting linux on this would be nice. The most flexible way
would be to put just a network bootloader on it, and boot from tftp
(kernel) and nfs (filesystem).

AFAIK flash is formatted with 'true flash filesystem'. I have some
firmware images. Is there an open source software which can modify
those? This way I could put a .com etherboot file on it and just run it.

Or could I just put another boot block in the beginning of a flash image ?

AFAIK TFFS is just a kind of block remapper, not a real filesystem.

Funny thing is that linux on t1500 (another thin client from compaq) is
booted using some wince methods :).

Do you have any suggestions?


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