Bluetooth Module Datasheet - please help

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  It seems that Taiyo Tuden has decided to openly sell their bluetooth
modules without giving buyers the datasheets to use them. (just a
simple overview 1-pager)  This seems very strange to me.  I was under
the impression that once I ordered a couple, they would be more
responsive, but that has not been the case.

  Does anybody have the full datasheet for the EYMF2CAMM-XX (with
Antenna) Bluetooth module?  It's a great device with Serial Port
Profile built in and a nice small form.  I'd like to get it up and
running but don't quite know what each pin does and how to use them.

for reference, the site I ordered them from is listed below.  I'm sure
they are popular enough that someone out there has a datasheet for it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,
  Adam Kumpf %
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Re: Bluetooth Module Datasheet - please help
Hi again,

Since I refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement with Taiyo Yuden
regarding their bluetooth module, I was only given a very basic
datasheet. (although better than the 1-pager I had before)  I am
therefor now back-solving for the main functionality and pin
configurations to get the module up an working and will make it open
for everyone to read.

If you are interested in seeing everything I have figured out so far
regarding the EYMF2CAMM-XX (with Antenna) Bluetooth module, please feel
free to visit my project webpage at:

I can successfully connect to the module via a PocketPC with bluetooth
and imagine some of you with similar projects will find it useful.  I
try to update it very often, so let me know if there is anything else
you know of that should be added to the bluetooth module section of the

  Thanks for everyone's help.

Best Regards,
  Adam Kumpf

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