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This may be a naive question, but I have an idea for a Bluetooth
application, and need some help in either sourcing or building the

What I need is 2 devices - a 'Host', and a Remote unit - as small as
possible - that connect to each other over bluetooth.

All they need to do is 'know' that the other is there - within a given
range (5 mtrs). If the remote moves out of this range - or disappears
then the Host needs to give out an Audible signal.

Easy !!

Is there such a thing available ?

Could this be built easily from Off the Shelf components ? (I am a
Windows application programmer so could probably do the programming).

Any help appreciated.


Re: Bluetooth Application
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Tomy sell an "Out and About" monitor that does what you want: it isn't
Bluetooth. The parent unit beeps when the child unit is more than ~4.0m


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