BL 1800 Jackrabbit & USB

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Has anyone used one of the zworld single-board computers to access a
usb device, such as a memory stick or digital camera? If so, please
send any help possible.

Thanks in advance.


Re: BL 1800 Jackrabbit & USB
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I'm the application engineer at ZWorld. I don't know of any one who has
done a USB host interface for Rabbit, or more importantly the required
protocol stack to handle the host end of it. The sl811hs from Cypress
looks like a good candidate in terms of USB host adapter, since it has
a 8bit parallel bus interface which will be easy to interface to the
Rabbit's AUXIO bus.

The sl811 devkit/appnote from Cypress also has some drivers in C which
implement some simple host functionality, which shouldn't be too hard
to port to Dynamic C. However, I don't think they have a mass storage
driver that you would need in order to talk to a Flash disk.

See ya, -ingo
/* Ingo Cyliax,, Tel: 812-391-0895 */

Re: BL 1800 Jackrabbit & USB (Ingo Cyliax) wrote in message
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Well, actually I have to communicate with a digital camera with a USB
interface, so I'm not sure if the technology is the same as a Flash

Re: BL 1800 Jackrabbit & USB (Junior Sanders) wrote in message
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It's not the same.  The resources needed are much higher to deal with
a camera.  You would need several megabytes of RAM to handle the frame
buffers.  Some of the camera output jpeg frames, so you need to decode
jpeg as well.  I suggested that you look into a standard x86 SBC,
rather than the JackRabbit's limited resources (Flash & SRAM in K's,
not M's).

A few days ago, there was another poster asking for microcontrollers
with USB webcam.  You might want to check/share information with him,
as long as you are not in the same school/classs/professor with him.

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