BIOS setup going to defaults in a Geode board.

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I am experiencing a rather annoying problem. I have a board based on
National Semconductor´s design reference and after cycling power a few
times (powering it off just after around two seconds) it goes to setup
defaults. I have tried the same BIOS in an Aaeon Geode based SBC and
the very same hapens wereas Aaeon´s BIOS does not lose setup in either
Aaeon or our board.

Does anybody has any hint on what could cause such a problem and where
should I look at to figure out the problem origin?



Re: BIOS setup going to defaults in a Geode board.

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Yes, it's incredibly annoying especially if you are using an LCD screen that
goes black because the BIOS defaults back to CRT. Our golden rule is never
to switch off by unplugging the 5V DC line, always unplug at the AC power


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