beginning in embedded industry

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Hi all,
    I learn computer from colleague and all my development experience
is on desktop computer. I want to do something new. I want to begin to
do interface with hardware and, hopefully, can do something useful
(say, to make a simple toy). I don't know how to start and I need you
suggestion/help. Say, where/what hardware should I buy? And how to
"program" those little device? Any knowledge I should know (please
help to list ADAP)?
    Thanks for all.

Re: beginning in embedded industry
Hi there !

You should start with simple projects. Think about something you'd like to
try. How about a small PCB board that has flashing LEDs ? Interfaced through
a pareller port, perhaps ? When this works, you could try upgrading it to
interface through a USB port, for example, to increase the complexity
without doing radical changes. Put your software skills to work and write a
device driver for the USB version ?

Another fine example of a simple embedded design is a measurement or control
of somekind. How about coding a remote control unit, that's plugged to your
PC and can control your TV ? Or how about an audio device ? Take your home
CD-player, build an audio digitizer board (a simple ADC IC is enough), plug
in the stereo cord from the CD-player and have your PC read it through USB,
for example.

All these can be considered 'toys'. They start simple, but offer a large
variety and lots of challenges. Also, by doing small 'upgrade' changes, you
can practise more and still keep a good basis of the original work.

-Antti Keskinen

Re: beginning in embedded industry

You can search the net for hobby electronics projects. If you`d like to
do some work with microcontrollers, which is what ud like to do for
making small "toys", you can start with simple ones like the 8051s or
TinyAVRs. Search for these on google, youl find plenty of stuff for

Have Fun!

Re: beginning in embedded industry

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Have a look at:
that may be what you are looking for.


Don McKenzie
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