Beginner level help required

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Hi everybody
   I am new to porting ucOS on an ARM processor so need your help please
My application requires Ethernet interfacing with ARM processor, so I nee
ucOS with tcp/ip stack. The processor I want to use is SAMSUNG S3C4510B.
even do not know where to start from as I have no knowledge of ucOS. But
I can learn very quickly if somebody please guide me. What I need is:
1- ucOS with TCP/IP stack
2- How to port ucOS on ARM processor
3-Tools needed to port
4-Tools needed to debug ucOS
***5***-Can I run ucOS on my PC to check its functionality, so that once
am confirmed with its functionality, Ithen start porting it to ARM

** I actually have planned to use Samsung's development board for S3C4510
Currently I have  SNDS100 board board by Samsung but unfortunately I don
have any of its related stuff. I do have MultiICE but I it is no
supported by this board. If somebody has worked on it please help me.

                            Shoaib Ali

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Re: Beginner level help required

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You should first check the Ports page on the Micrium (uCOS) web site: /

They have also published application notes for ARM ports (see the
Support\app notes page).  AN-1014 has a generic port that supports both ARM
and Thumb mode.

Also check the Samsung site.  Many manufacturers have ports for uCOS already
on their site.

Next there is a newsgroup for all Micrium products on Yahoo. /


Re: Beginner level help required

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I hate to ask it, but have you seen the Micrium web site?



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