Barcode Scanner Barebone Enclosure?

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for an embedded project I have to design a handheld, battery-powered
barcode scanner. I know that there are many ready-to-buy devices but I
have to design something different. However, it would be nice to get a
ready-to-use handheld scanner "barebone" enclosure, so I could
concentrate on my special design. Any suggestions where to find
something similar?



Re: Barcode Scanner Barebone Enclosure?
I looked into this a while ago for a 'competition winner checker' which read
the barcode from a ticket.

I looked at motorised chassis but the cost was far too high, so I came up
with an adaptive code idea.
I think if you are looking for a barcode 'scanner' you may encounter the
same problem.

Why not try using a 'light pen' style scanner, where the user waves the pen
across the barcode?
This would enable you to reduce your costs.

Barcodes alternate black, white, black, white, and the width of the bar
denotes a 1 or 0.

You could use a photodiode to receive the signal.

Remove the DC component and use some kind of comparator to convert the
signal to a stream of 1s and 0s.

The software needs to time the duration of each bar and decide weather it is
a 1 or 0.
The based on this decision the software would need to update the threshold
time of a 1 or 0, as this will change during the 'swipe' of the barcode.

Such a system could be implemented on a small PIC (12Fxxx) as these also
have built in comparators and 16-bit timers.

Just a thought...

Best regards,


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Re: Barcode Scanner Barebone Enclosure?

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That's a very good idea.

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Note that both black And white are "bars". - RM

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