Aysch 2400 protocol suggestions

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Hi all,

I will be sending data over a NBFM (Narrow Band FM) link up to 2400 baud....
Most Likely 2 level FSK.

I am looking for suggestions for the encoding and decoding of the data..

............ EG  Manchester,  Varying Pulse width,  POCSAG, Staardard serial
UART N,8,1,  Caller ID style, SNAP

The data payload will be a 10 to 20 bytes.

What would you suggest for the encoding / decoding (using a micro at each
end to code and decode) and any checksum / CRC.

The object is to discard any bad packets - no error correction needed.

Thanks in advance


Re: Aysch 2400 protocol suggestions
Joseph Goldburg schrieb:

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If you really use FSK, using UART data directly probably works.

Otherwise, I would suggest a pulse coding scheme like RC5, which
also would work with ASK.

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