AVR studio on Win95 OSR2?

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Has anyone successfully installed AVR Studio on Windows 95? The
installer complains about corrupted files (which I don't believe - I
think it's trying to dynaload a DLL that is either missing or doesn't
have the right exports).

I know this sounds weird in the 21st century, but I have a Libretto
70CT that is _really_ handy for doing things in the field (it's a
P-120 laptop the size of a VHS tape). It happens to run best with
Win95; 98's power management doesn't work so well.

Re: AVR studio on Win95 OSR2?
Since I failed to install  AVRGCC on my notebook with Win98, I wouldn't
surprise that one cannot install AvrStudio on Win95.

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Re: AVR studio on Win95 OSR2?
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AVRGCC is different from AVR Studio. AVR Studio 4.09 installs and works just
fine under Windows 98. Well, except for that bug I reported for 4.07 that they
still haven't fixed.  :-)

Re: AVR studio on Win95 OSR2?
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Unrelated, though. AVR Studio works perfectly under Win98, up to and
including the latest beta versions. I do not want to upgrade this
laptop to 98, though. Tried it, and it is not ideal.

(It's interesting to go back in time like this and use Win95. I had
forgotten how much more responsive and small-footprint Windows was
before Microsoft stuck that goddamn Active Desktop in there).

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