AVR Mega8 Conundrum

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Had to build a production test jig that (amongst other things) in circuit
programs am AVR Mega8 MCU. Now the first thing you need to send these
things to sit up and obey orders is $AC 53 xx yy (programming enable) and
you should get $zz AC 53 xx pinged back - except I don't. I get
$xx FE 53 xx. However, the instruction has worked - I can subsequently
ident the chip and program it and it works fine. Only the ping is wrong.If
i send the prog enab command twice, i get the correct ping second time
around. I don't think its a timing issue (peppering the code with delays
doesn't make any difference), nor does sending other strings prior to prog
enab (though then the chip studiously ignores me, as would be expected) Any
idea what might be happening here.

Re: AVR Mega8 Conundrum
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Hi Mike,
   It would not be the first time an Atmel device needs a 'repeat until
OK', rather than a send/check once :)
  Since it all seems to be otherwise working, just code it so it can
re-try maybe a dozen times before deciding the device really is out to
  Even then, a proceed-anyway message can be usefull. We have also seen
Atmel devices shift/loose their device ID's, but otherwise be OK. This
is rare, but possible, as the IDs are in 'hidden flash'.

Re: AVR Mega8 Conundrum
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You only need to get the 0x53 back, so what you're getting the first
time is valid (at least per the Mega128 version of the SPI

"When in sync, the second byte ($53) will echo back when issuing the
third byte..."

Re: AVR Mega8 Conundrum
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In the old days when the AVR was new, devices such as the AT90S1200 and
AT90S8535 had a bug, and you had to poll the sync 33 times to be sure you
got the correct response. I have not seen this problem for years now, the
new mega devices, (new in the history I have with AVR's) work a lot better.
Ah! whatever happened to the mega603 :)

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