AVR-GCC Bug about atol()

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I find a bug in avr-gcc library. When the following code is compiled,
the avr-objcopy.exe has problem and exit. The compilation information
has the following information:

Converting to AVR Extended COFF: main.cof
avr-objcopy --debugging --change-section-address .data-0x800000
--change-section-address .bss-0x800000 --change-section-address
.noinit-0x800000 --change-section-address .eeprom-0x810000  -O
coff-ext-avr main.elf main.cof
make.exe: *** [extcoff] Error -1073741819

And there is no problem when I changed atol() to atoi().



Re: AVR-GCC Bug about atol()
I used WINAVR version 20040720

Re: AVR-GCC Bug about atol()
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That is not exactly a compilable program, and you don't show
getProductInfo.  However, atol returns a long, while atoi returns
an int.  One of these must be the wrong type to supply to
GetProductInfo.  Turn up the compiler warning level.

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