Atmel AT91SAM764 and SPI

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Hello everyone,
I've a problem with getting the SPI the AT91SAM64 MPU to work properly. Even
though I've configured the SPI mode register to use Fixed Pheriphal
Select(PS bit cleared). I'm using the PDC to transmit the data. According to
the Atmel documentation this should force the PDC to result in 8 bits beeing
sent through the SPI per byte given to the PDC. But this doesn't work,
instead 8 bits are sent through the SPI per long word(4 bytes) given to the
PDC, just as if the PS bit is set in the mode register.

Halting the debugger during the transmission and listing the MPU I/O
registers verifies that the PS bit is cleared.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?? Solutions? Tips?

The hardware used is the IAR kickstart kit. MPU is marked with:
58814E 0442

// Fred J

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