ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions

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I want to re-port an existing ATMEGA project that I did some time back
(in asm) to 'C' and would like to use the AVR GCC compiler. Can anyone
give me some basic steps to getting started?

Thanks for any help.

Re: ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions

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Since you are apparently on a Windoze host, look up WinAVR.  It's a
completely packaged avr-gcc development system, with example makefile,
chip programming software, debugger, etc.  Very easy to get up and
running.  About a 13 MB download


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Re: ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions

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I have good experiences with Imagecraft's ICCAVR and AVRStudio with Atmel's
JTAGICE. The standard version of the compiler is only $199. They have a time
limited fully functional demo version.


Re: ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions
On the following page click on Related Pages on the left and in the
expanded list click on Installing the GNU tools: /

Those are the instructions I used to install the gnu tools on my Unix
box.  I downloaded the latest gcc and binutils from

Another link I have is:

It seems a bit outdated though when you try compiling his sample

Another link which may be useful: /

Re: ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions
If it's just a small project < 4K you can use the free IAR compiler for the
AVR. It's limited to 4K. You can download it for free from IAR.

It also works very well with AVR studio and the JTAG ICE 2...

Re: ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions

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get winavr from   go to avrgcc page get the
tutorials for avrgcc and how to set it up.
Also the academy pages


Re: ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions
Thanks to everyone for their valuable input. I'm leaning toward using
the WIN-AVR compiler in conjunction with Atmel's AVR 4 Studio and
JTAGICE-2. There is still some confusion on my part concerning the
JTAGICE and ISP. It seems that the JTAGICE is not capable of
programming the ATMEGA and that it still requires an AVRISP (or
similar device) for programming. If this is true, it sure make for a
cumbersome development interface. I'm more used to having only one
programming/debug interface - ala Motorola (Freescale), Cygnal
(SiliconLabs), etc. Any thoughts?


Re: ATMEGA / AVR GCC - newbie questions

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Definitely you can program ATMEGA using JTAGICE (if you mean the JTAGICE
from Atmel). You can also buy inexpensive DUO programmer/emulator, which
would allow you use both JTAG and ISP programming plus JTAG debug. It is
about $50. Look for it on
I use WinAVR in conjunction with Programmers Notepad, which is included into
the package. You can also use e.g 'Crimson Editor', which allows to run
'make' from inside the editor. It seems more convenient than AVRStudio.
Good luck.

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