AT91: System Timer Interrupt

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Im working on a project involving the AT91rm9200. Im trying to generate
interrupts through the System Timer`s Periodic Interval Timer. Its not
working the way i want it to. Im getting periodic interrupts all right,
but im not able shut it off properly. I keep getting timer interrupts
continuously..the code of my C interrupt handler is below: (as may be
evident, im using atmel`s pre-canned asm routines in the file irq.mac
for backstage interrupt handling, but the C routines are mine )

void timer_c_irq_handler()
//Dummy variable used for clearing ST_SR
volatile int status;


//read ST_SR
status 3D% pST->ST_SR;

//clear the interrupt for re-use

//Disable interrupts by the timer
//AT91F_ST_DisableIt( AT91C_BASE_ST, AT91C_ST_PITS );

AT91F_DBGU_Printk("\n\rSystem Timer interrupt..\n\r");


As u can see, im trying to clear the ST_SR registe`s PITS bit by
reading it after the interrupt has occured..this is because the manual

B7% PITS: Period Interval Timer Status
0 3D% The period interval timer has not reached 0 since the last read of
the Status Register.
1 3D% The period interval timer has reached 0 since the last read of the
Status Register.

So shouldnt PITS go to 0 if i read it again in the irq handler above,
and stop bothering the AIC? Everything works fine if i uncomment the
"DisableIt" function call, but just want to be clear about where im
going wrong.

Thanx in anticipation


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